About Me

Hi There!

Woohoo! That’s enough of you talking about me, how about I talk about me!


My name is Scott Warren, and I live in the most remote capital city in the world: Perth, Western Australia. I have been involved in remote control cars for about fifteen years now, and have driven a number of different vehicles over the years. I owned two awesome staffies (dogs =) who had a lot of fun chasing my RC vehicles.


It all started way back…

My first experience of the RC world was with my primary school best mate Daniel, who flew RC planes regularly with his dad. He also ended up owning a 1:10 scale nitro buggy, and it was great fun driving it on his large property. In a shock to us all, my friend was diagnosed with Leukemia, and passed away at the far too young age of 14 after a long battle. As a way of remembering him, his family gave me his old remote control buggy, and although I do not have the car anymore, I kept the radio and one of the wheels as a kind of memorial for my friend, may he Rest in Peace.

In an interesting turn of events, my current best mate shared with me that he was interested in getting into RC drifting, as he had seen it at a local club. At this stage, I had 1:10 and a 1:8 off-road truggies (Half truck, half buggy) and was interested in giving it a shot. Now I’m hooked!

A quick list of my cars:

  • Hobao Hyper ST Pro – Converted to Electric. Runs a Mamba Monster and Castle Creations motor.
  • Hobao Hyper Short Course – Converted to Electric. Runs a Mamba Max Pro and Castle Creations motor.
  • 3Racing Sakura D3 Countersteer. Fully hopped up. Runs a Hobbywing XErun and LRP X20 motor.
  • Yokomo DIB RWD. Converted to rear motor and transverse battery mount.
  • HPI Baja 5B buggy. In the process of building, and of course will be converted to electric!
  • Revell Pigeon (basic helicopter) – just for laughs and to annoy the dogs.

My RC Philosophy

  • When it comes to off-roading, if you’re not breaking something, you’re not having enough fun. I focus mainly on bashing, and as a result both of my off-roaders have almost full cars worth of spare parts. It’s just easier and cheaper to buy second hand kits for parts.
  • RC drift is mad fun!
  • It’s called OVERDRIVE! Countersteer is a way of driving, not the gear ratio of the car!
  • I want to share the love! That’s why I’m striking out on this little venture… to do my best to share my RC adventures and my other hobby ideas with a broader hobby community… =D

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