Trying out Racing

As an Ausdrift member, I get the pleasure of using the awesome facilities at Perth RC Arena. As such, they also have an indoor race track that just gets better and better. One of the regular touring racers was pestering me to come down and have a go at it, so I finally caved and now race there two nights per week, on Tuesday nights with PRECC and Thursday nights with Perth RC.

At first, I just borrowed the store cars. I first tried the Tamiya mini Front Wheel Drive class which was a lot of fun. I then tried 4WD touring and was hooked.  It wasn’t long before I painted up my own Protoform body to go on the store car. This was the final stages of painting and prep… My favourite parts!


I even went so far as to do matt black window rubber seals… I use the body mask that comes with the car to do this stage, and removing it has to be one of my favourite parts of any body build.


I’ve always loved orange, and was absolutely stoked with how this scheme turned out. I then set about snickering it up. On my first race night, it got heaps of attention, and a bit of friendly banter like “oh you can tell you’re a drifter, way too much effort on a body that won’t last long…”


Well that was pretty much the end of that. I was hooked, and recently picked up a Yokomo BD7 RS Version 2. Awesome kit to put together. Only mistakes I made in construction was getting the dogbones all mixed up (2 different lengths) that led to binding of the belts, had me really stumped for a while. Second was there are two different rear suspension mounts for the front of the car. The one I used by mistake has the belt run over the top, which causes the steering rack to catch on the belt. The one I needed was the same part but with the belt running under it. The kit was a pleasure to build. As it is run on carpet, I took my time to sand and seal the edges of the carbon chassis and shock mounts to look nicer and not have them catch on anything.


So far, I’ve also purchased a race timing Mylaps Transponder, the Battery Guide, Velcro Battery Straps (my colleague detests this) and the 2013 Japan Nats Potion Part Set (Graphite arms and hubs, titanium turnbuckles, double jointed front unis and servo mount) and thinking about getting a front gear diff. I look forward to completing the build and running it at Perth RC Arena soon!

Wazza Out! =D

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