Solder time!

I managed to organise a pretty awesome trade last week. My GoPro 3+ Black and some accessories for a completely ready to run Yokomo DIB RS.

The Speed Passion motor/ESC combo it came with was rocking some pretty bright cables, in orange, blue and yellow. I decided to get my solder on to change out the cables for Tetsujin black cord, and shorten them as well.


I’ve had a bit of experience with soldering, but I was using lead free and having a hell of a time getting things to work. After speaking to a colleague at Perth RC, I switched to 60-40 and had much better luck.

This was my first real attempt with the new solder. I’m absolutely stoked with how it turned out!





Having leant a car to a friend who wasn’t careful with the polarity of my lipo( goodbye ESC), I spedifically wired the power cords to only work one way with the batteries I use..


Wazza Out! =D

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