D1:10 Championship Series

So Ausdrift’s first competition for the year went off with a bang last Saturday. Here are some of the awesome photos and sideways action!

The 86s leading the charge… With my RWD kicking it off! Photo credit to Daniel Deaville.

Bradley’s camo 86.

Jerry’s RWD 86.

Perth RC’s Yokomo DIB RS.

Pedro’s 180.

Hayden’s drift pig.

Jordon chasing Anthony hard in this RWD battle.

Paul and Jay getting some great door-to-door action!

Classic shell! Just beautiful.

The judges.

Brian from RC Car Mods.

Mike sliding his Subie.

Paul from Melbourne, owner of MRDA came over for round 1!

Clipping point.

Very close battles, with two reruns, and sudden death mode engaged.

Now that’s why CS kids look so good.

Winners of the CS comp.

Winners and event organisers.

Was a great night of sideways competition, looking forward to the rest of the season now!

Wazza Out! =D

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