Sakura D3

My drifters… Sakura D3 Countersteer by 3Racing.


DSC_0050Yeap. About 12 hours worth of de-anodising and polishing here.

DSC_0051Powered by  a sensored LRP X20 10.5t

DSC_0052Nano-Tech Hard case Lipo.

DSC_0053Hobbywing XERUN 90a ESC


DSC_0055Savox high speed servo.

DSC_0056I’ve been drifting in the garage, and the track is marked by chalk… makes for dusty rides!


DSC_0060My other ride… a few more parts arriving soon and it’s back on the road.

DSC_0061More bling!

DSC_0062Yet more bling!

DSC_0077Protecting the Carbon Fiber chassis in style!

Wazza Out. =D


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  1. Did you de anodize your one day? I’m scared that it mite eat up the little parts in side.

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